We went to see the newest adaptation of "Joker" last night and I just adored it. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. BUT it does portray mental illness and the crap people go through with it well.

Just Another Manic Monday

Sometimes when I can't sleep I'll wake up the next day to a phone full of saved Pinterest pictures that I don't fully remember looking at or saving. This happens frequently when I'm manic. Today was a whole new level of experience though.

Boob Tube

When I asked friends what they wanted to read about, TV is one of the things people asked about. I love TV. Sometimes I love good TV, sometimes I love bad TV. When I say bad I mean terrible teenage drama foolishness. I'm just going to list some of my favorites from this year that Ben and I have enjoyed. *CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL BLOG POST*

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