Not Your Scapegoat

My name is Faith, I have Bipolar Disorder with psychotic features. I am 25, I have 2 nephews, 4 nieces & when well enough I work with animals regularly. I am an empath. The thought of causing pain or harm is unbearable to me. I am not dangerous, but blaming mental illness exclusively is.

The C Word

There's this really indescribable feeling I get when I start thinking about a career. I got my bachelor's degree in record time. I did VERY well in school. Even with calling off "sick" constantly I got quality work done on time. I was good at what I did. I can whip out designs, layouts, spreads,... Continue Reading →

Too Much or Not Enough?

Hi, it's me, Ben! It's time for my yearly blog post again. A lot has changed since my last one. The biggest thing is we got a house! It's been a lot of fun and stress but thankfully the stress is almost gone since we're almost 100% settled in/renovated.

Just Another Manic Monday

Sometimes when I can't sleep I'll wake up the next day to a phone full of saved Pinterest pictures that I don't fully remember looking at or saving. This happens frequently when I'm manic. Today was a whole new level of experience though.

Not Today

Warning: this post may contain triggers. Please avoid if you're triggered by posts about suicide and suicide prevention. Most of you know I struggle with suicidal ideation. This simply means thinking about or planning suicide.

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