One More Reason To Stay

Have you ever taken a little one in your life to church and actually heard them say they want to come back? That is worth living for.

Battling suicidal thoughts is pretty much daily for me. Today we took our nephew Jordan to church with us. Both him and I were complaining to Ben this morning that we just wanted to stay home. Sorry Ben, you’re a strong leader, one of the many reasons why I adore you. I’m getting off topic… right so we took a reluctant me and Jordan to church. Jordan said I could go with him down to kids church to, “save me from adults.” He knows me so well. I truly love helping with kids church, known as Kingdom Kids at our church. Jordan is always shy and reluctant at first but ends up dancing, singing, participating, praying, talking with the other kids, etc. By the end of the service, he genuinely told me he wants to come back next week.

This is a huge deal to me personally. I strive to be an aunt that they can come to always and with anything. Someone to have fun with and eat junk food and do all the crazy aunt stuff, but also someone they are comfortable praying with. I want them to feel loved above all else by both me and God. As Jordan is getting older he is asking more questions. I love it. He is at the stage where he is getting some of the harder Biblical concepts. I’m glad to be a part of his life. I’m glad that his parents love him and let him know God loves him. Jordan, Natalie, and Danielle truly are one of the only things keeping me here some days.

If you’re a member of our church and you’re reading this please know Haley is doing a wonderful job. The kids want to be there. They’re having fun but at the same time learning Biblical truths.

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