Have you ever had a bad ear infection? Mostly this happens when we are children. I am part of those lucky few who still get bad ear infections as an adult. Let me tell you, they’re brutal. I think I have at least one ear infection currently possibly a double ear infection. Don’t worry, Ben is making me go to the docs ASAP to get them looked at.

Other than being in too much pain to sleep this whole ear business has me thinking, how is it always the smallest things that are the most miserable and irritating? I deal with chronic pain daily with IBS and fibromyalgia but this ear just has me beyond frustrated.

The days have been difficult lately. I’m stuck in this pre-manic state where I keep starting projects and not finishing them. I want to go go go but lack the physical energy. Everything around me feels like it’s going in slow motion. Ben and I are still trying to start our family. We are continually doing house repairs and still unpacking boxes. I have psychosis happening on and off at the most inconvenient times. It basically feels like my brain is on fire. And what is it that pushes me just a little too far?

My ear.

No matter what big things you’re dealing with, I pray that you can fight through that little thing that pushes you just a little too far. I also pray you have a Ben in your life to help you laugh through the pain.

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