I Guess I’m Never Eating Strawberries Again…

I was feeling super proud of myself today. I’ve been trying to drink more water and eat more fruit lately. I went to Giant and got myself some strawberries. I patted myself on the back again as I decided to actually cut them up instead of just keeping them in the fridge until they go bad. I was being an adult doing adult things.

I cut into the first strawberry and a ginormous white worm fell out. In conclusion, being healthy is dumb and I’m done being an adult.

Just kidding… sort of…

I’m quite ashamed that I freaked out so bad I had to call Ben. For whatever reason the entire thing caused me to have flashes. Terrible flashes that I don’t feel comfortable sharing the details with you but nonetheless, terrible.

When we took them back to Giant the lady actually asked me if I wanted to exchange them for more strawberries…?


I was like lady, I’m probably never going to be able to eat strawberries again and she gave me my money back.

My flashes suck. And they are a lot more intense off the meds. Most of the time they’re triggered by something like today but sometimes they happen for no real reason. I wish I knew how to keep them from happening. Sometimes they make me feel like a freak, but Ben assures me I’m not. I’m not sure if I believe him.

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