Stigma Sucks

I think that we in the mental health community need to remember to be gentle with others. Most people can’t comprehend constantly battling with your own thoughts and feelings.

My experience today was awful and demeaning. Long story short: I had to contact my loan company to give them permission to talk to my mom about my loans. It was an awfully handled conversation. I told him I was calling to give permission to my mom to speak with them concerning my loans because I’m mentally not stable and he asked: “what it was that was making me unstable.” I reluctantly told him I’m bipolar. I wanted to just tell him to go pound sand but I was trying to get this done. Then he continued to tell me I owe this much money, and can I pay it now. I said again I was just calling to give my mom permission to talk with them about my loans. He then said, “it’s a simple yes or no question can you pay?” I then hung up.

I understand that is this man’s job. I understand he probably thinks I’m just trying to get out of paying loans. BUT I guarantee you if I told him I’ve been physically sick that would have been the end of the conversation. I think it was highly inappropriate for him to ask why I’m mentally unstable instead of just accepting that answer. I did file a complaint.

Even though this was a rough time, I think it’s important to remember most people don’t understand mental illness to be a legitimate reason for why we do things. I hope to work on this stigma to the point where I can honestly say I’m mentally unstable and that be just as acceptable of an answer as if I was physically sick.

Also, totally unrelated, I finished my first hand-drawn pattern for embroidery! It was fun, lots of stabbing. Who wants one?


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