1 Year

Today marks 1 year of marriage for Ben and I. What has marriage taught me so far? Patience. To be humble. Laundry is a never-ending task. Puppy dog eyes don’t always work. That it is possible for someone to truly love me, even though I’m a total mess.

If you’ve never met my husband I feel very sorry for you. He is the kindest most gentle soul I know. He has so much love in his heart and he shares it with everyone. He loves his nieces and nephews. He loves his family and friends. He prays for you all every night. He prays out loud with me before we go to sleep and asks that his friends and family are safe, happy, and healthy. He is strong. Stronger than any of you know. He has held me as I scream and cry. He sings to me when I’m totally unstable. He has taken me to the hospital for crisis and held me as they said that I needed to be admitted. He takes care of me. He has had a hard year, though nobody would know all that he has been through because he is always happy and smiling and willing to help in whatever ways he can. He runs me a bath pretty much every night. He plays with my hair while I lay on his lap. Though he doesn’t understand how it feels to actually have bipolar, he is probably the only one who truly understands me and my disorder. He accepts me for who I am. I adore him and he is the greatest gift God has given me. And the best part is, even if you don’t know it, he loves and accepts you too.

Happy 1 year my love, here’s to us ❤ xoxo

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