Frolicking Around the Woods in My Underwear

I just wanted to blog a quick update on my life. It’s been pretty crazy. My parents came home from Hawaii which is nice because they are one of my main supports and it’s so good to have them back.

I passed a gnarly kidney stone. My dad convinced me to go to the ER because the pain was so bad. They didn’t see a stone in the scan (which doesn’t mean I didn’t have one) but apparently, they saw these tiny pieces floating around in my kidney that could become stones later? I don’t know. Basically, my body is like, get ready because at any time I can release these babies and try to take you down. Ben is totally going to try making me stop drink Turkey Hill iced tea but that’s not happening. I passed the one that was causing all the pain so there’s that.

I LOVE my new job. I was able to be on my own today for the first time and it went really well. I’m not allowed to post pictures or name names due to confidentiality so I’ll just say doggo. I get to walk the tiniest doggo in the world and I just love him to pieces. Soon I’ll have more training and be able to walk more doggos and take care of more fur babies.

I’m looking into getting Loki some training. I want to be able to take him places and help him with his anxiety so I think this will be a really good thing for him. We have a consult with the trainer next week.

And the coup de grâce… I frolicked around the woods in my underwear today. I had a boudoir photo shoot with my favorite photographer Emily. She did Ben and I’s wedding and she makes it so easy. My wedding is probably the last time I really felt empowered and beautiful, so I’m hoping once I get my photos from today that I can feel that way again. Emily truly is a blessing, I just adore her and her God-given talent. you can check out her work here. Be sure to check out her #Thisis35 project, super cool. But yes, we went to a secluded little area of the woods and I posed on trees and things in just my underwear, it was oddly fun. I’m an extremely awkward person, but I know Emily is going to somehow make me look majestic just like she did for our wedding. I can’t wait to see the images! I’m going to be making Ben a little boudoir book for our 1 year anniversary. Also, I even got into the creek for this shoot so, it was pretty serious guys.

Mentally I’ve been doing pretty well since last weeks incident. Everyone has been checking in on me and taking very good care of me. I’m so blessed and grateful. My mood is still a little unstable, but working again is definitely helping. Thank you to everyone who has been thinking and praying for me. I love you all!

xoxo Faith

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